A day of art in London

I had to fly to London for the day (for a business meeting), so I took the opportunity to visit art exhibitions at Japan House, Serpentine Gallery, Saatchi Gallery, and Tate Britain. A nice day of art and 20 km (12 miles) of walking.

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After university studies at New York University and Vancouver Film School, my (still) teenager son has decided to accept a job offer as videogame designer at a large Swedish videogame studio. I’m incredibly proud of his achievements. To help him move there, and since I’m still considering what job or project undertake next, I’ve decided to spend a couple months with him in Malmö, Sweden. Yes, where crows wear vests and celebrate Oktoberfest in August.

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A day in Copenhagen

On Monday, August 30th, we decided to take a train from Malmö (Sweden) to Copenhagen (Denmark) and revisit that beautiful city.

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