I have been interested in OCW (Open CourseWare) since the year 2000, when I tried to convince Polytechnic University of Valencia to upload all materials and lectures from the Master`s Degree (where I was lecturing) to the web for anyone to access.

Although quite slowly, OCW has come a long way. Years ago MIT and some others made a strong commitment for the OCW. But it has taken Spanish universities years to wake up and start to follow that lead.

Today, I tried to search some Spanish OCW courses, choosing a subject such as Art. Here is what I found (without using a dedicated search engine):

  • UNED (National Distance Education University)
  • UPV (Polytechnic University of Valencia)
  • UV (Valencia University)
  • USal (Salamanca University)
  • US (Seville University)
  • UCa (Cadiz University)
  • UM (Murcia University)
  • UA (Alicante University)
  • UOC (Open University of Catalonia)
  • UniCan (Cantabria University)
  • UIB (Balearic Islands University)
  • MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) courses in Spanish