First things first: thanks to whomever thought I would be interested in joining MCA through RiseUp, BUT…

  • Don`t subscribe me to a list without my consent
  • Don`t do so without at least letting me know who you are
  • Don`t assume I might be interested in something because it sounds related to my interest
  • Don`t align me with “scientific socialism” when I am a declared anarchist
  • Don`t make me waste my time on a list where the first 20 or so messages are split between arguing troskist, marxist, rose of lenburguist, bujarinist, bakuninist, leninist, hotsiminist, guevarist, maoist, castrist… and people who want to be taken off the list

So, thanks (and I show it by talking about your project here), but show a little respect for other people`s rights, please.