Antony and the Johnsons performed last Thursday 26th, at the Radio City Music Hall SWANLIGHTS, a one-night-only performance commissioned by the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), NY, the most amazing concert I have ever been to.

One would think that the fact that the performance took place in the world`s largest (and one of the most reputed) theater/music venue, or that the place was chock-full of celebrities (I had Björk right next to me in the line to pick up the reserved tickets), would add to the glamour and grandiose of the event. But the truth of the matter is that once the curtain was raised, that was another world: the magical world of Antony.

Photo by Will Deitz - Pitchfork

Indescribable, that`s the only word that comes to mind. His voice, his songs, his lyrics… anyone who has listened to Antony Heagrty knows his (gender in question here) is different. But when you add the scenography (lights, lasers, curtains, transparencies, floating elements, etc) then the whole show becomes absolutely breathtaking. If you want to read more, Antony himself talks about the show with WMagazineArt InfoNY Times Magazine and Time Out NY. Here is the NYTimes review of the performance.

Thank you. Sincerely and deeply, thank you.