Of course, the first year living in NY, new year`s eve party HAD to include a peregrination to Times Square. And since we had tickets to the Iridium concert (the Mike Stern Band featuring Randy Brecker, John Patitucci & Dave Weckl), we figured we would get a taste of it taking the subway to 42nd/Times Square (since police closed the nearer 50th st station)… and did we indeed!!

The Broadway/42nd intersection was incredibly packed. 9:30pm and it took over half an hour to move past that intersection, being shuffled, pushed, and stomped upon. The worst part?: seeing irresponsible (or utterly ignorant) parents with their toddlers and trolleys trying to get by.

We did finally arrive at the Iridium Jazz Club, and although the food was mediocre and the service pretty lame, the band rocked (more than jazzed) the night away, stopping for a mere minute and a half for new year`s countdown and toast.

Then, on our way back, the usual drunks, party people wearing absurdly luminescent hats and goggles, and the remains of one ton (exactly) of confetti and other remains on the street. One more year, one more experience.