This morning I have been at the NY Arts of Pacific Asia show on 7W 34th St. and 5th Ave.


While not huge in size, and populated with many dealers selling mostly Chinese and Indian antiques (but also contemporary and from many other Asian countries, from Japanese to Vietnamese), there were some extremely interesting pieces that caught my eye, such as the Joseph G. Gerena collection of Ainu Art Special Exhibit (with particular emphasis on Ikupausy Ikupasuy prayer sticks), the paintings of Hong Viet Dung carried by Judith Day, the marvelous washi sheets in display by Hiro Odaira (Precious Pieces), the small bags of Mark Walberg Fine Art and Antiques, and above all, a pice of the wonderful yugen art that Shari Cavin from Cavin-Morris Gallery carefully explained to me: a Japanese ceramics  professor puts discarded (outdated) physics university books in his kiln, at the right temperature, where the ink disappears, the pages curl, and the silices in the book cristalize, leaving a beautiful new object. Supreme. 

A really delightful morning. Party time tonight at MoMA.