Yesterday I was invited to The Ungovernables Triennial leap year cocktail by-invitation-only party at the New Museum.

After a long line on the street, under the rain and cold wind (no wonder I have a cold now), the party started at 7:30pm in the main lobby: DJ, cocktails, and fluorescent rubber bands for a crowd eager to see and be seen.

Not one to particularly enjoy mingling and parties, I went upstairs to see the exhibition. Some interesting proposals, indeed, in a big-mix wide-range of styles, media, and messages. And it was this very wide and diverse mix what made me realize one thing: the look, the gaze, the way we look at things, is where the magic, beauty, happens. Being there, seeing the very same “artistic” objects as anyone else, but then seeing the pictures Nebula took (I hope she posts them so I can link them and show you what I mean), was a major shock. How can two things, same things, object and captured image, convey such different messages? I am not only talking a theoretical approach. Try it for yourself: go out, look, then look again, different. Wow.

I can`t wait to play with my Lytro.