On Sunday evening I attended the Whitney Museum of American Contemporary Art`s Biennial 2012 exhibition. 

I had lunch in a hurry, worried that I would not have time to visit the whole exhibition (since I only had a few hours). How wrong I was. Let`s just say it was sooooo disappointing (at least for someone, like me, who knows almost nothing about art), that I was left with a feeling of wonder. Not about the works, but how, who, and why, did they decide to include it in the exhibition. 

Of course there were some worthy exceptions, but they were buried among all that “noise” and “crap”. Is that what they tried to convey, to show, to transmit? All I know is that the New Museum seems to be much better tuned to contemporary art than either the MoMA PS1 or the Whitney. IMH(and ignorant)O.

And how about their “pictures allowed, but not on the 5th floor, the 4th, the 3rd, but yes on the 2nd, and ask about the 1st” policy?

How different their Artport Net Art initiative is!

At least I did not leave empty handed, and acquired a small piece (Vintage Button Wrap Bracelet) by Susan Van Dyke (better known for her earring design work).