On Friday, at lunch time, I went to the Guggenheim to meet Susan Thompson, Curatorial Assistant, for a tour of Francesca Woodman exhibition.

Although Francesca Woodman`s photographs are undeniably subtle and portray the mind of a troubled young woman (body, space, self, disgust, identity, etc), it is a pity she took her life so early, leaving us with what is obviously a truncated body of work, one that begins, explores, promises… but never concludes because death found her first.

What really annoyed me was the curators unwillingness (I refuse to believe she "did not have more information" as she said) to talk about Woodmans suicide. So I asked her directly, and she still dodged the question. Why is suicide such a taboo, even today?

So, after taking the opportunity and seeing John Chamberlain choices exhibition (walking by Natalie Portman for the second time that day, as she took a walk with a friend, stroller and baby) and enjoying more than anticipated, in sharp contrast with the apathy the Being Singular Plural exhibition provoked upon exploration, I headed to the School of Visual Arts for their MFA Computer Art Open Studios.