Last Saturday I went to the MET for the symposium “Michelangelo and His World in the 1490s“. Presented by some of the most distinguished Michelangelo’s scholars, there was a lot of in-depth info on this very exceptional artist. Here are some of the most curious trivia I learned:

  • He was an exceptional painter and art forger from a very early age (when he was 12 years old he forged and smoked to make it look old, church paintings) and that’s why his father enrolled in an art studio at 13, even though the minimum age was 14.
  • He had an “art factory” (sorry, Andy or Damian, he was there first), designing and sometimes drawing “blockbusters” which were later drawn in 20 or 30 copy or version runs.
  • He was the first to depart from “realism” in color: he often painted “blocks of color”, for strength and dramatic effect.

I networked a bit to discuss some scholarly work I am doing on Michelangelo (more on that in a few months) and then went to the subway. On the way there I found a church, with a quote I always considered interesting beyond the obvious reasons (food for thought):

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

I like to contrast it with this other quote:

We must accept that which we can not change, and change that which we can not accept.


So I went to Madison Square park. Across the street, Worth Square, there are a ton of food stands (Madison Square Eats, until June 1st), one of the many NY Street Festivals that show up everywhere with the wonderful weather we are enjoying right now. I grabbed some arancini and casatta (the lobster roll and canoli will be next), headed for the park and enjoyed the meal al fresco with squirrels all around.