Trying to catch up with fun days, here is what June 1st looked like: first some crêpes for lunch at Vive La Crepe Union Square (delicious crêpes and funny chair backs embedded in concrete).

Then, after browsing around at Beacons Closet</a>, and going to <a title="" href="" target="_blank">Tibet House</a> to gather info (Tuesdays meditation classes, here I go), it was finally time to visit Rubin Museum of Art. While Modernist Art from India, Illuminated, and Casting the Divine were very interesting and delightful, I must admit the nerdy geek in me enjoyed Hero, Villain, Yeti like a real kid. Besides, late opening hours, free admittance, a live DJ, and an awesome store sure did not hurt either 😉

Then, June 2nd, I finally found out what all the fuzz was about at Alice`s Tea Cup (hint: girls playing grownups having tea) in my case, at the Chapter Number 2 location, since I was en route to the Spanish expats MeetUp at Central Park.