After supporting the NYPL efforts to fight back budget cuts, I have received a lovely message of thanks from Christine C. Quinn (Speaker, NYC Council), along with a very nice suggestion:

Dear New Yorker, 

Many thanks for your email expressing your support for our city`s libraries. 


We cant do it alone, though, and I hope youll consider signing up for Council “enews”.  These issue-based e-mail updates are a great way for us to stay connected and engaged with you and other New Yorkers about the budget, healthcare, and other important issues affecting our city.  It should only take a minute (or two) to sign up at


I often complain about US politics, policies, and politicians. But the level of citizen involvement with and information about government and administration that is possible in this country is usually underestimated. Compare that with Spain`s PP Rajoy “missing” and “opaque” government. Sad.