Before I forget more (I am sure I am leaving out a lot), here is a little recap of things I’ve done, tried, or discovered in NY during July:

July 1st I went to Strand, my favorite bookstore, with its cool graffiti outside.


and then went to the “Exquisite Corpses: Drawing and Disfiguration” Party at the MoMA with Nebula.


The next day, in SoHo, I took a picture of this robot figure on my way to the gym.

July 3rd I went to Tibet House for a meditation and concert. Unfortunately it wasn’t Tibetan music, which I would have preferred, but some sort of “world music ensemble”. Let’s just say it was a “show”. Good thing dinner was at Zen Palate, to make up for the “concert”.

July 4th, of course, is about party and fireworks. I watched them from the roof of my apartment building, which at the 50th floor, is a pretty good place to watch them from.


July 5th, I watch lightning bugs in Central Park instead of an Oliver Stone debate at the MoMA.

July 7th I try Aquagrill, and remain there until they close. My mind, just like with the lightning bugs in Central Park, absolutely distracted.

July 10th I went to take a walk on the HighLine, and then grab a bite at a Japanese Restaurant with one of the curators of the New Museum.

July 11th I went to Central Park with Alvaro to see La Mala in concert. It looked as if she had too much weed or something before getting onto the stage. So weak it was the concert, that we left early. The best thing was dinner at The Vermilion on the way to the hotel.


Of course, July 13-15th was HOPE9.

Coming and going, those days, I took a few snapshots of things that caught my attention, such as the BatSignal on the NYPL, extreme heels, surveillance gear all over, or abandoned liquid nitrogen tanks on the sidewalk.


July 14th I went to see the moving Scabbard Samurai at Japan Society Cuts! Film Festival.

July 15th, as an “end of Hope” celebration, we went to Miss Korea BBQ, and had a lot of food, and a funny anecdote: of course, the place, which is right in the middle of Korea Town (34th between 5th and 6th Aves) was packed with Koreans, so as 3 Asian girls sit next to us and ask us where we were from (obviously Alvaro and I do not look Koreans), I politely ask the same question. I felt a little dumb asking, but their answer proved me wrong: they were from Australia!! (and very nice, by the way).

July 16th I had lunch at Japonica, where I saw an unbelievable work of art. The picture does not do it justice at all. It is a torn paper collage or Chigirie (not painted, all little pieces of hand cut paper, a technique from the Japanese Heidan Era, IX century) “White birch at Autumn dusk” by Reiko Tsukahara.

July 17th I went to the opening party of “Ghost in the Machine” at the New Museum, where I met the editor of The Institute of Modern Russia. We both agreed that the exhibition was a failure. It should have been called “Machine in the Ghost”, what a missed opportunity! Dinner at Public was definitely much much better.

July 19th I went to Red Rocket tattoo to get a small one commemorating the Anarchist and Hacker movements.

July 20th I missed most of the drawing class at the MET. But at least I made up for it having dinner with some new friends at Mezza Luna, where Roya talked me into trying the Amalfi Pizza (with slices of lemon). Awesome surprise!

July 22nd I went to see the very funny Love strikes (moteki)! again at the Japan Society.

July 23rd was a special day. Tea in Union Square park and dinner at Souen only made it better.

July 25th was the “All White” party at the New Museum (individual post for that).

July 26th brought a “storm” that knocked me off my feet. I was not prepared for it, it was amazing! I spent the whole storm at Blue Water Grill. Looking forward to more storms like that!! Here is what the sky looked like

a minute before it turned into this

July 27th I met Fiona and talked about her NGO, trying to make the world a better place… I also had the chance to finally see my building (the one on the right in the picture) from a different rooftop.

But the inescapable reality sinks in when one sees this on the streets: homeless on the sidewalk, and Ferraris on the road. #InhumanInequality


July 29th I went to a Water Workout class at the gym (only man among 20 women). It was more like Water KungFu! #BeWaterMyFriend 😉 And I have just returned from Bryant Park, where they were supposed to show “Rebel without a cause“, but decided to postpone it until tomorrow.

Upcoming week: crazy schedule, so… time to go to sleep!