Five days ago, the New Museum invited me to the “All White Party”. It`s one of those events I would not normally go by myself, but Jane told me about the rooftop bar that only opens on weekends and during parties, so I decided to go and check it out. Plus, I was told it was the only chance I would have to see new yorkers dressed in white.

As it was to be expected, lot of people, quite a few “celebrities”, and 95% wearing white (with your typical “I am wearing black, to signal I am bad, or odd, or fun, or whatever”, two or three “ooops, I thought they were joking about the white – or I don`t have white clothes – and I am wearing my grey/orange shirt” and a petite blonde wearing black skirt and white top).

I took my Lytro camera to experiment (and because it is much more discrete than the DSLR). ¿Result? As you can see (here are bigger versions of some of the pictures I took), too crowded, too many depth fields, so it does not take advantage of the “multifocus” capability (or perhaps I haven`t learned how to use it well enough yet). Also, low light conditions and lots of movement does not help the camera.

But +1 for convenience and “conversational piece”!

The rooftop bar is small, and it could get crowded. But either not everybody knew about it or not everybody wanted to visit it. In any case, it was much more fun to be up there: good views of the sunset, nice temperature, and much much better for conversation (you get to meet all kinds of people in an event like that).