In a sort of “NY diary”, here is what the last two weeks of June had in store for me.

  • June 17th:

I went to Cha`An in the heart of the East Village, for a very delicious tea ceremony. And it was delicious not just because of the great matcha tea (usucha) and wagashi, but also because Noriko-san was such an excellent host, performing an excellent otemae. Being a public restaurant, and not a private house, not everything was “perfect”, like in the tokonoma, where the scroll was obviously generic. But all in all, the experience itself made it wonderfully delicious.

After that, lunch at Sobaya across the street was a great surprise: everything was above average. Another good Japanese restaurant to add to the list.

A little walk took me to the fun and expensive Superdry SoHo, on the way to the Film Forum to see the Marina Abramovi? documentary (more on that in another post).

  • June 23rd:

Vegan lunch at Angelica Kitchen, dessert at the sweet Momofuku Milkbar, and tea at the eclectic americana Podunk.

  • June 24th:
  • June 28th:
  • June 29th: