On Wednesday I was invited to the screening of the documentary “Gregory Crewdson Brief Encounters” at the Core Club (that has been called the “Portal of Power” by The New York Times, or “Where the 1 Percent Go to Lunch” by CNBC), with popcorn, M&Ms, wine bar and all.

Both Ben Shapiro and Gregory Crewdson (and his mother) were there introducing the film. But their shyness made them refuse a formal Q&A session, so to talk to them one had to go to the reception area after the film and mingle and chat. I didn`t ask any question because although I appreciate the enourmous productions he makes (it was a little dissapointing to learn in the film that he makes digital corrections), and the particular aesthetic accomplished, I would need more than a quick question and answer with the artist. Here is a nice interview with him on Artsy.

After that I was again invited (black Audi Q5 car and all) to the party at the Whitney Museum to celebrate fall exhibitions Wade Guyton OS and Richard Artschwager! It was more crowded and by a more (dare I say) “fun” crowd than at the typical New Museum party (or MoMA or MET for that matter). I even wore my “exclamation point sticker” on my forehead. Quite a conversational piece, it seems. Which made sense, I thought, considering it made reference to one of the works being exhibited. But nobody seemed to know or notice that, tough… “little details”.

PS: Today someone has told me I have earned the right to be called a flâneur, so I have changed the title of this blog, to incorporate that perfectly apt adjective.