This year I spent Christmas at Niagara Falls.

While it is one of the natural wonders of the world, I had not thought about visiting it before because I did not expect it to be “worth it”. How wrong I was! Not only it is a lovely area (the Canadian side, at least), albeit certainly quite “touristic”, but the waterfalls indeed are amazing. You stand so close to the water, intense green, that you can feel it rush, precipitate, and crash.

The winter is definitely not the best time to visit, since it is so cold, even if you wear your hat and gloves, your butt will freeze, as mine did, if you stand long enough watching the falls. But I can not imagine what it must be in spring or summer, since it was already SO full of tourist.

I guess other hotels also have a nice view of the falls, but the Hilton, where we stayed, definitely had awesome views. Which were instrumental in a very special occasion: I asked my girlfriend to marry me… and she said yes!

So the next day we spent the evening with her family, enjoying “white Christmas” (with what seems to be a traditional Christmas Eve snow fall). Christmas Day delicious buffet brunch at the extremely adorable Prince of Wales hotel in Niagara-on-the-Lake, and a quick tour of Buffalo from the car was a perfect end to a beautiful Christmas.

Well be visiting my family in SPain in January (and thats why I have taken so long to publish this post: I wanted to keep it a suprise for them).

BTW, NY is also nice during Christmas: