On Wednesday we went to the “Tribute to Elliott Carter” concert at City University of New York Graduate Center (34th st & 5th Ave). A varied roster of (mostly) great (mostly) young performers, and Elliott Carters unmistakables compositions. I must admit it is not my favorite kind of music to say the least, but I do keep trying to expand my horizons. Always learning, or trying to. Experience, expose, try… isnt that the hackers attitude?

But we had to leave the concert during the intermission in order to make it to the New Museum`s cocktail party and opening night for “NYC 1993: Experimental jet set, trash and no star". 

As it is so often the case with The New Museum, the exhibition had terrible things and a couple of very interesting pieces. But upon further thought, it makes perfect sense: we are talking contemporary art here. 1993. Twenty years (yes, I`m sure we all thought, at some point or another, when watching the exhibition “times flies, I remember when…”) is not enough of a perspective to discern.

We are in the middle of it. And that, in itself, makes it wonderfully fun if not brainy deep – no matter how much the curator tries to make it look so in the silly information label/tag next to the works.

The evening ended with a delightful “sampler” dinner at the Crosby Hotel Bar and Terrace.