The final day was an interesting one.

My team (team senZa) choose me to do the presentation of the teams project. We all thought we did an excellent job, and everybody in the room (372) congratulated us. One of the judges even said "it is the best one I have ever seen". But... lo and behold, we were not selected to the final round. And whats even worst, we received almost no feedback.

Yet, the worst was having to endure Frederic Kerrest alpha-male type arrogance during his lunch presentation. What do they feed them for breakfast? I`ll have the other thing, please. 😉

Certificate award in hand, the MIT adventure is over. Overall, a great experience and awesome networking opportunities. Now I should stop blogging about it and start writing to all those people whose business cards are sitting on my desk and whose LinkedIn profile connexions are awaiting for replies.