Business took me again to Panama on Monday, for a quick trip (two days).

Tin roofed huts with satellite TV next to high rise office buildings, riding on an official (with sirens) tinted window SUV with driver and no license plates, and staying in a nice hotel that was not extraordinary but had all and everything that I look for in a hotel (except indoors swimming pool). But it belongs to the friend (former Treasury Secretary) of a friend.

Back on the Tucuman airport I had to endure the double security screening (at the entrance of airport boarding gates, and again at my boarding gate). Why? Because someone in the USA (perhaps a company participated by the Carlyle Group?) has “convinced” US officials that they have to pressure (or should I say “bully”) other airports into incorporating their own US-made scanners and metal detectors. Why? Money. Not security (because the airports security was much better than the US-gadget gate security). After all, its about the perception of security, security by obfuscation, business, money, profit… who cares about passengers rights?