A few weeks ago, as part of an unusual birthday gift, my fiancé and I signed up to get our genetic test.

So we ordered the test kit online, and when we entered the state (NY), a big warning told us that according to state laws, we could not produce or mail the samples back to their labs from New York. WTF?! OK, whatever. As if a nonsensical law did not have many ways around it. Bring it on!

So a few days later the kits came, with very detailed instructions and easy to follow procedure (if you consider producing gallons of spit “easy”).


But being cautious as I am, I decided to research online, from reputable sources, the whole legal status of genetic sample and shipment in New York. Both, a genealogist with a law degree, and a couple of scholars, wrote posts about it with enough detail and information to make me reconsider my “who-cares” attitude.

What was my only way out? To cross the border to produce and send the samples back. And thats what I did. I took the train in Grand Central Station, rode to New Jersey, delivered to FedEx, and rode back. One hour later I had accomplished my mission of both getting what I wanted and abiding with the law. Annoying and stupid. But its the law. 

In 5 weeks well have the results. Im sure it will be worth it, no only for the information coming back, but also for the very altruistic reason of contributing to research and a deeper understanding of our genes.