Day 2 of our cruise started waking up to the sound of the waves and with a buffet breakfast at Garden Café, which we took in an outside table.

The day was fully packed of activities, and given my terrible memory, I`m sure I would have forgotten some of them by now. But thanks to the fact that the cruise line gave us access to the net (although only for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram), I was able to tweet my activities, and then use the TL to remember them easier.

The morning had all kinds of fun activities waiting for me. While Stephanie had a dance class with the Rockettes, I played some basketball (first time in 18 years, since I was forced to retire from professional basketball due to knee injuries) on deck 16th, then went rock-climbing (the spotter gave me all the necessary gear and told me to go to the hardest course, but… challenge accepted and conquered!) next to the bungee zip line, and ended the afternoon in the videogame arcade playing all kinds of games (finally had a chance to try Guitar Hero!).

We had a late lunch at Shanghai`s Noodle Bar with a couple of travel executives, and visited more parts of the ship, like the spa, the private area (The Haven) and the Studio Lounge.

Then we had an early dinner with show: The Cirque Dreams and Dinner Jungle Fantasy. One of 3 Broadway show on board. What a phenomenal show! Apart from the typical Cirque du Soleil acts (rope acrobatics, etc), the fast changing act, along with the contortionist were truly amazing. And the food was fairly good, actually.

After that we went to The Second City show at Headliners Comedy Club. Tremendously funny (yes, I am “Mainstream Impaired” too 😉 ) and witty, they performed an improv session that was indeed very very funny.

While we did go into the Ice Bar (yes, a bar fully made out of ice, in the middle of the Ocean) after the comedy show, it was way too cold to remain there for too long (even with the provided parkas), so we left and went to see Burn the Floor and Slam Allen again, who did amazing versions of Howlin` Wolf, Ray Charles, and Prince.

The crazy way to end the night was the “Awesome 80s Dance Party". I know some of the people on the dance floor were entertainment crew from the ship... but not all of them! And there were many people totally dressed as if it was the dreaded 80s, including us! (oh, well, when you don`t have a reputation to take care of, it is easy to admit such sins 😀 ).