Yesterday we joined a few friends in part of the NY Shorewalkers The Great Saunter 2013 walk. While the Shorewalkers started early in the morning and walked all along the West side of Manhattan, we started much later, and to the subway to Carl Schurz Park, where we had fun watching the dogs at the dog park, visiting Major Bloomberg`s official residence (although he does not really live there, he only uses it as a nice reception place), enjoying the trees blooming and flowers, and strolling up the East side to meet them half way.

The sun was shining but a viciously cold wind started to blow and made the walk a lot more unpleasant than what it could have been.

We finally met them at around 116th street, and walked down with them all the way down to 53rd street, where we decided to take a subway, go home (not bad, after 10 cold and windy miles), get a jacket and meet them later at Sea-Horse Cowgirl (because Acqua was fully packed), in the still Sandy-devastated Financial District, for dinner.