Lately I have been going to the office more than usual. The FDA inspection, then the PILOT health tech NY day (which was held in the coworking space where my office is), and a few other things have made me walk around SoHo quite a lot these days. Here are a few of the surprises I have encountered in the always colorful neighborhood: 

  • The Pearl River Market store, right next door to my offices entrance, is "SoHos best kept secret". A very eclectic mix of food, decorative elements, hardware, clothing… with some of the craziest stuff I have seen anywhere for sale: “Bacon flavored toothpicks”, “Bacon cake frosting”, “Coffee flavored dental floss” WTF!!


  • Ronald Feldman Fine Arts exhibition “One hundred and forty characters”


  • Lobster Smack‘s Lobster mac & cheese: Had to try it!! (as expected, anything with lobster in it is delicioussss: in Asturias – #SPain, they cook it with beans)
  • Washington Square Park LGBT pride parade yesterday
  • And a delicious dinner al fresco at Hudson Clearwater last night