Lately I have been very interested in genetics. I have some ideas about bioinformatics applied to genetics, but I need to learn a bit more. And what do you do when you need to learn more? Study!

Today I learned that I have been admitted in the Medical Genetics postgraduate program (University of Valencia, Spain), 2013.

Here is what I will be learning about:

I. General Concepts of Human Genetics

  • 1.1 Structure of the human genome and gene expression mechanisms
  • 1.2 Patterns of genetic disease transmission

II. Introduction to Medical Genetics

  • 2.1 Genetic diseases. Dysmorphology and teratogenesis
  • 2.2 Identification and clinical management of patients with genetic diseases
  • 2.3 Genetic Counseling
  • 2.4 Cytogenetic Diagnostic Techniques
  • 2.5 Molecular Diagnostic Techniques
  • 2.6 Genomic Diagnostic Techniques
  • 2.7 Identification of new genes responsible for hereditary diseases

III. Clinical Applications of Genetics

  • 3.1 Genetic diagnosis of Mental Retardation
  • 3.2 Neuromuscular Disease Genetic Diagnosis
  • 3.3 Neurosensory diseases Genetic Diagnosis
  • 3.4 Prenatal Genetic Diagnosis
  • 3.5 Non-Invasive Prenatal Diagnosis
  • 3.6 Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis
  • 3.7 Genetics and Reproductive Medicine
  • 3.8 Epigenetic Regulation and Clinical Significance
  • 3.9 Cancer Genetics
  • 3.10 Genetic Diagnosis of Acute Leukemias
  • 3.11 Personalized Medicine and Pharmacogenetics
  • 3.12 Search for treatments for rare genetic diseases
  • 3.13 Tools for updating knowledge in Medical Genetics and Clinical Genetics

The program is taught by 29 top professors and researchers, and directed by Prof. Dr. Manuel Pérez Alonso, Dept. of Genetics, Valencia University; and Dr. Javier García Planells, Scientific Director, Genomic Medicine Institute.