A few hours after the first email, I received this second one with a threat (again, translated by me; here is the original):

Mr. Cortell:

I can prove my identity and the defamatory content of the indicated page, as I said it has been notarized. I can also prove that this site is currently the subject of proceedings in the Courts of Barcelona, in which the prosecution has already ruled, appreciating criminal evidence. But I see no need to do so, since you have shown no willingness to cooperate (“I do not wish to receive further communications from you”) and your certainty of not being subjected to Spanish law enforcement, since you abhor it and live abroad.
So, consider yourself sued.
Best regards.

Daniel Vicente
Curiously enough, this individual still does not provide any proof of his claims. So he expects me to censor somebody else’s free speech just because he considers himself harmed by it.
Let me make myself very clear: until a judge orders me to do so, there is no individual, lawyer, police, or mafioso that can bully me into acting against my principles of believing in a fair legal system with due process and presumption of innocence. Further more, bullying and threats have to be denounced and stood up against. Our rights have to be defended. Othewise draconian laws trying to “control” by limiting them on the internet will lead to complete submission and surrendering, paving the way to a fascist state where we will have no rights left.
So, Mr. Daniel Vicente, defend your rights in court. I am defending mine, AND YOURS, by standing up against threats and censorship based (until now) on unsupported claims.