The good weather means more outdoors. In NYC it means more “city”, but also “more things going on in the city”.

This weekend we have walked a lot, and seen quite a few interesting things around town (caveat: I am no expert in NY, although Spanish newspaper Expansion interviewed me about it last week), like:

  • A Chinese-Spanish cuisine restaurant (no, I have no desire to try it any time soon; there are many others higher on my list)
  • Yoga in Bryant Park
  • A looooooong line of police cars going by
  • The Orly Genger art installation at Madison Sq. Park
  • Carnivorous plants for sale at WholeFoods (is that “vegetarian”? “vegan”?)
  • Bastille Day at 60th street
  • The march to request justice for Treyvon (if you dont understand "stand your ground" and the political significance of whats at stake, you better start reading now) and to stop the crazy vigilante gun laws being passed all over the USA


It`s nice to be able to cut through the park to go to a meeting in a nice and quick stroll, instead of having to do a subway transfer.

Or even better to be able to take a walk after dinner, to see the sunset over the Hudson river.