On Sunday I was invited along with my wife by New York art gallery Lyons Wier Gallery  to the Downtown modern+contemporary art fair held at the 69th Regiment Armory in New York.

14,000 international collectors and art enthusiasts, over the course of four-days, gathering to discover paintings, sculptures, photographs and mixed-media works by over 600 artists from around the globe, exhibited by more than 50 international dealers. Seasoned as well as new collectors, curators, museum professionals, cultural foundations, dealers, art advisors and consultants enjoying works by mid-career and emerging artists as well as blue chip works by Picasso, De Kooning, Ruscha, Wesselmann, Rauschenberg, Warhol, Calder and other artists.

While there were many interesting works, I must admit I particularly enjoyed some like Gregory Johnston at arcature fine art, several in display at BOSI, and specially Golnaz Fathi‘s (represented by Benjamin Rosenblatt of Sundaram Tagore Gallery).