Three weeks ago I enjoyed a nice week at home in New York. My in-laws came to visit from Canada, and my wife took the opportunity to try new recipes using some very fresh ingredients bought in the weekend-only Farmer`s Market just around the corner, on 23rd st in Chelsea. Despite being small, they seem to carry everything, even “tea champagne” (fermented kombucha with ginger).

From polenta with swiss chards and mushrooms, to homemade apple pie (New Yorkers know their apples: whenever you can, try the “honey crisp”, you wont regret it), its a real pleasure to enjoy such delicious and healthy dishes.

Taking advantage of the last days of nice weather we also went to the American Museum of Natural History, in Manhattan`s Upper West Side. I never get tired of that museum, and always learn new things there. This time the most shocking display allowed us to look at a recent extinction in the face: “Lonesome George”, the last tortoise of its species, from Galapagos, was in display as a reminder of the number of species that we are destroying in our blind rush of unsustainable consumerism.

I also discovered the inspiring words of Theodore Roosevelt inscribed at the entrance of the museum. I especially liked the “Manhood” one (see photo).