Yes, the rumor is true: my wife and I are moving to London.

Now that Kanteron USA is solidly stablished, and profitable, I must proceed with the expansion plan, and make sure to grow both Asia and EMEA markets, which I plan to do from London.

So, although we are moving April 25th (more on that in another post, since it will be quite a singular “adventure”), this was our last weekend in New York because this upcoming weekend we will be in Canada, and next Friday we fly to Europe, where we will be visiting Lisbon, Valencia, Rome and London. And while we will be back in mid-April to attend the HIMSS trade show, by May 4th we will be living in London. So, this past weekend was, indeed, our last weekend in New York.

Of course, there are more important things than packing or resolving the apartment lease: we had to party!

Many friends to say “see you soon, come visit in London” to. We started on Friday, with a “dance competition party” (of course I was the judge) at one of our friend`s apartments in the Upper East Side.

Then, since we can`t host a party in our Chelsea apartment because we are in the middle of packing, we decided to go out. For that we chose two venues. On Saturday we went to Tipsy Parson, in Chelsea.

Close by, convenient, excellent brunch, and really nice if slightly hipster atmosphere.

On Sunday we went to the midtown NY location of the London-based restaurant chain Hakkasan, the Michelin Guide listed restaurant where many celebrities like to go when visiting the city because of its VIP-too-cool-for-you apparent vibe.


Although, as a matter of fact, the staff was friendly, the place was not tremendously crowded, and the food was delicious.

While we are thrilled to move to London, we will miss many aspects of New York. And the number one thing we will miss is our friends. But we will come back to NY to visit them, and they will always have a guest bedroom in our London apartment whenever they want to visit. See you soon!