March 31st we went to London with a very defined mission: to find an apartment, get cell phone lines, open bank accounts, and get the office space running. All in two days and a half, because although we did return to Spain on April 3rd, it was a bank holiday.

We had to run all over the city. The amazing thing? WE DID IT! Well, kinda.

The office was easy, since we had already been selected to join the Google Campus in London.

We left the paperwork ready for the bank account (it still took a month, via email, to finalize).

We had to take the cell phone lines under another company name, and then transfer the lines once the bank account was set up.

But the real challenge was the apartment. The first day we visited 5, and once we decided to apply for one, we were told it was not in the market any more. The second time we looked at 4 more, and when we decided to apply for one, we were told the owner had changed her mind and it was no longer for rent. So we left without an apartment.

Luckily Frankie, our awesome real estate agent, was kind enough to keep researching, and we did a videoconference selection from Spain, as she walked around some apartments showing them to us with her phone. We chose one right next to the London Bridge and the Boroughs market. We can`t wait to move in!

All this would have not been possible if it wasn`t because Ted, from London & Partners, helped us make it happen. Thank you, Ted!

At least we did enjoy the hotel very much. We stayed at the fabulous Kensington Hotel.

We were so tired and short on time, that we had to decline an invitation to the Alexander McQueen’s Savage Beauty exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, and the cocktail reception. We didn`t even had time to go to the opening of Blade Runner The Final Cut!