Anyone who knows me knows I am crazy about all things Japanese; so since it has been so long that I have been in Japan, I decided to attend the HyperJapan event taking place in London`s O2 arena.

It was a blast! Many booths with Japanese merchandise, videogames (with a huge Nintendo area), clothing (like Aoi or the supercool t-shirts of Askew Gaming), manga artists, publishers (like Kaori, or Kodansha), bookstores (like JP Books), jewelry (like LittleMoose or Jane Nevermore), designers (like Ayako Shirata), art galleries (like CelGa or The Japanese Gallery), tourism info and institutions (like Japan Foundation), Japanese schools (like Alpha), steampunk (like Mikie & Co.), and lots and lots of kawaii (even Western-produced like GenkiGear, or “official”, like Charazoo)!!!!!

There was also a nice food court where we had salmon onigiri, okonomiyaki, takoyaki, and for dessert we had taiyaki and green tea latte. They even gave us a ton of free samples of snapea rice sticks!


PS: As an added bonus, we learned of some cool companies that were not exhibiting but somebody was carrying their cool products, like YesAsia or ReStyle.

This is what the twittersphere has to say about the event:

#HyperJapan Tweets