Thursday July 2nd I had breakfast in London, Lunch in Seville, and dinner in Valencia.

I got up at 3:00am, took the first flight to Madrid, and then the high speed train (a very risky 1 hour connexion time from the landing of the plane to the departure of the train) to Seville.

In Seville I had a 4 hour-long business lunch, followed by a short meeting, after which I went to the airport to fly to Valencia, where I stayed until Monday July 6th, having business meetings, enjoying time with family and friends, catching a few rays of sunshine, and enjoying what might be my only swimming day of the summer.

I also visited the “rostre paisatge” exhibition by Joaquín Jara and Rosa Rodríguez at Centro Cultural Octubre, and tried the Ma Khin Cafe restaurant (because Momiji was closed).