This summer London became the setting for more than 20 giant sculptures inspired by the DNA double helix by some of the biggest names in the world of art and design, including Ai Weiwei, Aston Martin, or Zaha Hadid. Last Wednesday my wife and I were invited to the auction of those pieces at legendary art auction house Christie’s.

I was surprised, or rather “appalled”, to see that Ai Weiwei’s sculptures went for only around £20,000 each (he made two). I felt really tempted to bid on those, but having invested just about everything I own into my company’s growth, for the time being all I can do is wonder how did that happen.

But we were there to enjoy the art and the event, so we drank champagne, ate delicious hors d`oeuvres, avoided the “see and be seen” (although, not completely because, how could we), and had fun at the auction with a very funny and witty auctioneer.