As so often happens when I experience something so sublime, I wish my loved ones were there to share it with me.

Someone said that when you can’t or don’t know how to share, you become an exhibitionist. Is that why I have a blog?

In any case, after seeing a little presentation about the safety and earthquake-resistant features of the world’s fastest elevator, built by Mitsubishi, I got to ride it, at 750 m/s, to the top on the 69th floor. The views, of course, were breathtaking. On par with Tokyo Sky Tower. Incredible.

For quite a while I just stood there, staring into the horizon, mesmerized by the twinkling lights, and engrossed in metaphysical thoughts.

I almost decided to not take pictures. After all phone cameras are not great at night, and there was no way to capture all that wonder. But photography was the only way I could think of (short of writing a haiku, which sadly is not one of my fortes) to share that with you, so up there you have them: Yokohama and Tokyo, an imposing bay sprawl.