On Saturday I had my flight back. But since it was late in the day, I decided to make the most of it, so I checked out of the hotel early, hopped on the subway (with a little help from a British Airways flight attendant), and headed to Shibuya, where I left my luggage in a coin locker, got a map (just in case, although I feel I know the area well), and started walking around Cat Street, Omotesando, and Takeshita Dori.

I love that area, so full of energy!

I saw a jeans designer discuss the latest “washed out” pattern options with his manager, went into Ragtag (Tokyo has the best vintage clothing stores in the world, hands down), saw a Space Invader piece of street art, got a ton of little gifts for my kids (and myself) from KiddyLand (kawaii mecca), went into Tokyo Plaza (where I discovered the latest face masks with their own apps, and had fun at Tokyo’s Tokyo and Hands), Laforet (where I marveled at how Michiko London’s designs from 1986 are still so very contemporary), discovered some new favorite brands (like Growth in the Basement or GR8), and paid my visit to iconic punk shop Jimmy Sinn’s Yellow House.

Trying to squeeze the very last second there, I was almost late to take the Narita Express, but I made it on time. I even had time to enjoy several delicious fresh fruit juices on the train platform served by a most gracious girl at Honey’s Bar: pione (a kind of grape) and yoghourt, fig and kiwi with yoghourt, komatsuna (a spicy green leaf that tasted a bit like washabi) and pineapple, and kale and almond milk with banana, my favorite.

On the train I saw that my flight had pushed the take off to earlier, but thanks to a flawless security and boarding process, I made it on time. And after two long but comfortable flights, on which I worked a lot more than slept, I finally made it home, for home is where the heart is. So I guess my home is London/Valencia/Japan (with a touch of New York).