On December 4 I was lucky enough to be invited to visit Ai Weiwei`s exhibition at the Royal Academy.

I knew I would enjoy it since Ai Weiwei is one of my favourite artists. I knew even my son, my wife and my mother-in-law would enjoy it, since Ai Weiweis art is highly figurative and symbolic, even to the point of being obvious with his latest works (which makes its appeal that more far-reaching if slightly less elitist). On top of that, the Royal Academy put together a comprehensive and accessible multimedia guide that offered explanations by the shows curator Adrian Locke.

But I was not anticipating to like it so much. It was awesome.

After that, to make the day even better, we stopped at Minamoto Kitchoan to buy some delicious Japanese wagashi. We got maccha senbei (wafers), okoicha baumkuchen (green roll cake), dorayaki, hakuto mochi (peach), and yuzu-flavored bunny-shaped ayashirabe, but they were out of chocolat mochi maccha, and shimizuhakuto jelly (peach jelly). Now we have an excuse to go back soon!