Walking towards my London Shoreditch office

to meet the Swiss investor and his impeccable suit,

leaving the City bankers’s coffee-holding fast pace behind,

I notice the absence nobody seems to

Where did he go?

His sleeping sack and pillow still on the sidewalk

as annoyingly positioned in the corner as always

But he’s gone


I wonder and I worry

his failing body, almost as absent as his lost gaze

with nobody to return it,

had been a constant and silent companion of my daily walk

We never spoke, but we connected

He needed help that I did not offer

but he was also longing for a contact that I did accept

with my eyes and my smile

He fed on that with desperate hunger

but I fear that could not keep his body alive


I look for him

Did he finally manage to gather enough crumbs in the form of coins

to enter the new temple of exclusive abundance

and be able to reach for an edible item that might keep him going for one more day?

Or did he perish, vanish, and was removed out of our sight and our path?

In that case they did not remove him from my life, from my heart,

where you all live, far away from me


As my gaze, still in the lookout, turns the corner

in the hopes that he’s defacing the wall with his urine,

I see the ultimate social irony:

inside the Bloomberg Space

a neon sign

someone most definitely put up for me today


“Let’s pretend none of this ever happened”

The romantic poet in me stops there

no more words, no more thoughts,

the insulting irony has spoken, in obvious terms, to nobody


But I can not


let it go

and enraged with fury and disbelief

I go on

determined as I always was

to subvert the system

to penetrate it, hack it, and milk it

for then I will have the dirty tools the system uses to turn our alienation against us


And then the day will come when we will see each other as one, and the world will be full of “us”,

as there will no more “them”,

and then I will be gone

for my job will be done


I see you

open your eyes


35000 decisions a day

this is the one

I’m not hiding


Hello Mr. Banker

here’s my soul

give me the tools

to obliterate your world

and free you all