On February 25 a group of medical imaging researchers from Microsoft came to our company’s headquarters in Valencia (Spain) for a day-long workshop on bleeding edge medical image software.

I must admit that just a few years ago I would have laughed at the idea of such an occurrence for many reasons. But things change, and now Microsoft is much more open (and convinced) about Open Source software, their researchers have demonstrated exceptional ability in advanced medical imaging analysis algorithms (unlike their failed business strategy around Amalga), and my company has grown and innovated to the point where it captures the interest and even enthusiasm of some of the largest technology companies in the world.

It was a full day of technological immersion, talking about computer code, software architecture, advanced machine learning, medical imaging analysis algorithms… my definition of fun! We also talked about ethics, industry regulatory landscape and commercial strategies.

While the contents of the discussions, including the Term Sheet, are under an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement), the one thing I can talk about is the delicious paella we all enjoyed for lunch in the country club across from our office, next to the 5 swimming pools and the tennis courts 😉