Thursday June 23 I was given the opportunity to create a non-comissioned art piece at the Tate Gallery new extension Switch House.

Within Meschac Gaba (1961, Benin) “Architecture Room” installation part of the “Museum of Contemporary African Art” exhibit, the artist invitation was to build my own imaginary museum… and what better place to do that than in the recently inaugurated Switch House extension of the Tate Gallery by Herzog & de Meuron?

The piece (titled “Diangle”) plays with angles. After all, given a limited set of geometric rigid interlocking woodblock figures, the most obvious and balanced way to continue the playfulness that the installation requires is to examine the angles. Unexpected, closed, and aggressive, while at the same time inviting, and dynamic.

Those angles are not only constructive in the architectural sense. They also represent a cultural and even psychological “construct”: the “unorthodox” approach to a pre-conceived set of requirements that is so often present in my works.

It is the essence of rebellion. In Lego-like blocks.