I live in Wimbledon. We moved here from London Bridge because this area is much more relaxed and has great parks within walking distance. But for two weeks a year, this town becomes the tennis capital of the world.

I can post this collection of photos showing how crazy the town gets for two weeks now that the Wimbledon Tennis Championships 2016 are over, and I can tell because I could hear the players moan, the umpire call the score… let alone the crowd roaring.

From our living room window, we have been enjoying tennis pros play. The practice courts are right in our front yard, so every time they missed (which does not happen often) a tennis ball would land on our door or parking space. We have a collection of 6 at home, decorating the fireplace mantel, plus 3 more that my parents took with them when they came to visit.

The two things that have amazed me the most is the squad of lawn caretakers, with their military precision and methodology, and the wheelchair players. Of course, what has annoyed me the most is the masses of fans completely taking over the sidewalks on their way in and out of The All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club to and from Southfields subway station.

I am glad we are back to peace and quiet.