Tuesday 13 I had the rare opportunity of spending a few hours doing what I like most during a business trip: visiting art museums. I went to the Fine Arts National Museum, the Contemporary Art Museum, the Visual Arts Museum, and the Telefonica Foundation Art Gallery.

Without a doubt, the two museums I enjoyed the most were the Fine Arts National Museum, and the Contemporary Art Museum.

The installation in the lobby of the Fine Arts National Museum is amazing, and the building itself (with a dome designed by Eiffel) is quite impressive. But the Contemporary Art Museum was really good. I was completely taken by the Israeli artist and industrial engineer Shay Frisch’s exhibition in the basement titled “Campo 47283_B/N” (which is part of the permanent collection of the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rome). The “Cruces Sonoros. Mundos Posibles” exhibition is quite enjoyable too.