The Wimbledon Tennis Tournament is here again, one more year. I can see it from my living-room window.

Like every year, the tournament means:

  • I can watch the tennis pros practice and warm up in my back yard, as I live in the castle right in front of the Wimbledon practice courts
  • Every shop window in town is decorated with tennis themes, even cupcakes are tennis-themed
  • Green, purple, and white everywhere
  • People, people, and more people. On the streets, in the subway, in stores, lining (cueing) up…
  • Police and security
  • Sponsoring brands and events
  • Our neighbors throwing Wimbledon Tennis parties. Some of them quite elaborate (with tents, catering, string quartets…)
  • Luxury cars illegally parked nearby, with chauffeurs waiting for their customers (ITF, players, bankers, etc) to come out of the game
  • Tennis stars, celebrities, paparazzo and fans, running to or away from each other