Our 5th day onboard the Windstar Star Breeze cruise took us to Kotor (Montenegro).

Sunday, September 3rd we arrived in Kotor (Montenegro) at 8am. Since we were to remain in port until 11pm, we had plenty of time to explore the city at our leisure.

After breakfast we took the local market tour with the cruise’s chef. It was a very small market, next to the old town walls. But we did buy excellent cured beef neck and a jar with honey, pistachios, figs and walnuts.

Then we wandered through Kotor old town for a few hours, taking pictures, petting cats, going into the cat museum… (by now I’m sure it’s obvious to you that there are many cats in Kotor).

Following my wife’s research, and a couple of suggestions, we went to have lunch at Galion. A precious restaurant, in the marina, on the water, with amazing views of the bay, and delicious food with excellent service. Even the bread was the best I’ve ever had!

We ate some unpronounceable local delicacies with names full of consonants.

Back on board the ship there was a BBQ and line dancing. But the music was too loud, so we decided to take the food to our state room, where we learned there had been a death in the family.