For a variety of reasons, we have decided to move to Canada for 5 months. Our Canadian adventure begins:

My wife, my son and I decided to move to Canada for 5 months for a variety of personal and business reasons. So we rented a house on the lake, and moved.

So far it’s great: very peaceful place, amazing nature, nice weather until yesterday, great house, super-kind people, and we’re near one side of the family, although terribly missing the other side.

Of course it’s not perfect, as no place is. Food is not nearly as fresh or delicious as in Spain (although, to be fair, that’s true almost anywhere in the world, and the apples here are outstanding). We know Winter is coming. But as a matter of fact, we’re looking forward to it, as my kids don’t really know what a cold white winter means. I, on the other hand, am not looking forward to reliving my Michigan blizzards, New York polar vortexes, Chicago snowstorms, or Boston freezings.

We’ve already celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving, and coming up are US Thanksgiving, a couple birthdays, Christmas… so lots of opportunities to enjoy family time, as the Spaniards are coming over for a few weeks.

In between, of course, several trips already scheduled: Orlando, Mexico, Chicago, Brussels, Las Vegas… and more to come. We’re living in interesting times and having a blast!