January 7th we decided to brave the Cyclone Bomb and go snowboarding at Glen Eden, near Toronto.

After my basketball career and a long list of surgeries, my knees do not enjoy certain activities. Winter sports were always off the list… well, until my daughter wanted to try snowboarding, o course!

After a few days of a Bomb Cyclone and a Polar Vortex, the time was running out. So the same day we were to go to the airport for her return to Spain, we drove to the ski resort with freezing temperatures that were a few degrees higher than the previous days.

Needless to say it was an absolute blast, and confirmation that I can snowboard, although I should not ski again. Ever.

By the way, my wife helped SO much: she drove in the frozen roads, herd the crew (my parents to the lodge, near the fireplace, and my daughter and I to the equipment and training), brought everyone food and hot beverages, took pictures… She’s amazing, thank you!