I do not know if it’s living in London, traveling a lot, or what, but over the years I have started appreciating my hometown more.

Of course first and foremost is the family. Living in another country and traveling so much means that even as “disconnected” as I am, I miss the family. Particularly my little one.

But a thousand other details, such as access to fresh fruits, vegetables, fish and seafood at a good price (something I had never noticed, but that both living in London and my wife’s comments have made me appreciate more), excellent restaurants and Mediterranean cuisine, a wonderful climate, the beach around the corner, the view of the Mediterranean from all the rooms in the house, enjoying the pool until after eight o’clock in the evening, daylight that does not seem to end, the affability of the people … undoubtedly there are shortcomings and discomforts (noise, lack of cultural offerings, business dynamism, etc), but the above mentioned and more things, makes one realize that living in Valencia is a real privilege.

To end the Summer, and before going to cold Canada, we enjoyed a cruise on the Mediterranean (that’s for another post).

Here are some photos (although most are private, so they will not be shown):