Wednesday October 3rd I was in New York for a couple of very interesting business meetings.

It takes me less than half an hour to drive to Buffalo’s airport from home. And in just 47 minutes of flight time, I landed in New York city.

I was in town for two very interesting meetings.

The first one was with some customers from Chile, where we talked about machine learning, artificial intelligence, genomics, and all those crazy things I like to talk about.

The second one, even more thrilling, was with a boutique investment bank to talk about some really exciting things. Unfortunately I can’t share anythhing about that meeting yet, but I will (hopefully soon).

In a quick day trip New York reminded me of all the reasons why I love it and hate it.

But perhaps the most disgustingly interesting part of my trip was this:

Overheard in a Manhattan cafe: Harvey Weinstein methods and facilitators: