On Saturday we drove to Zaragoza and San Sebastian (Spain).

The drive from Valencia to Zaragoza is an easy one, all highways. When we arrived, we went straight to the IAACC (Aragon Contemporary Institute of Art and Culture) to view the exhibition (which we barely had time to see a small part of, since they close for lunch) and to have lunch in their excellent restaurant Quema (which unfortunately we could not enjoy, as it was fully booked for First Communion celebrations). So we had to settle for Cafe de Levante, established in 1895, where time seems to have frozen. There we had Spanish omelette, croquettes and a delicious cinnamon milk ice cream with hot chocolate. After that we took a walk around the Pilar Plaza and got back in the car.

Then we continued driving to San Sebastian. We walked around the Concha beach promenade, and had pintxos (Vasque tapas) for dinner at Borda Berri, and at La Cuchara de San Telmo, ending the culinary tour at Bar La viña, where they make the best cheesecake in the world. Seriously. After that we drove to Bilbao and checked into our hotel, the Gran Hotel Domine.