Last Saturday we spent the day at the Bronx Zoo, and then had dinner with friends in Manhattan.

Opened in 1899, the Bronx Zoo in New York City is the biggest metropolitan zoo in the United States, comprising 265 acres (107 ha) of park lands and natural habitats. The zoo is home to more than 4,000 animals of 650 species, many of which are endangered.

Every day I regret forgetting my DSLR back in Spain. Smart phone cameras are nice, but they can’t compete with a DSLR. Particularly in low light conditions, and when you need an optical zoom. Like when you go to the zoo. Anyway, we had a conflicted blast as always: on the one hand the conservation and education work zoos like this one do, on the other hand the poor animals deprived of freedom…

To top the day off, we had dinner with our friends Paul and Jill at La Nacional, the restaurant of the Spanish Benevolent Society. They closed it down a couple of years ago for refurbishment, and now it’s a really cool (and yummy) place to have dinner in Manhattan.